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"Na montanha mágica: ensinando DIP", de Gerry Simpson - Primeiro texto para discussão

Na bibliografia obrigatória para a Oficina, aprovada pela Comissão Científica do Encontro ABEDI-Rio 2009, encontra-se o texto do Prof. Gerry Simpson sobre o ensino do Direito Internacional.

Abstract: "In this essay, the author identifies a malaise in the teaching of international law resulting from a fear of being consigned to the academic peripheries. This fear arises from a sense that international lawyers are deemed not sufficiently like 'real' lawyers by some of our colleagues in the law schools and not savvy enough about global realities according to some international relations scholars. The response to theses fears sometimes involves a series of compromises with 'legalism' and 'realism'. The consequences of these compromises include theoretical incoherence and a depoliticization of the subject matter. These theoretical failures drive teachers towards a mode that the author calls 'romantic'. The romantic mode is alluring but superficial and ultimately threatens to further empty international law of political content. The author suggests three possible solutions of these problem".

Veja a íntegra do texto em:

SIMPSON, Gerry. On the Magic Mountain: Teaching Public International Law. In: European Journal of International Law, 10, 1999. p. 70-92.

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